Worthless Tom



Download Worthless Tom’s “Dying Daisy” Album

Worthless Tom creates instrumental music consisting of sophisticated drum patterns synchronized to snippets of low-fi breaks.  Commanding percussion is the driving force to his somber choppy samples and melodic synths.   His style is technical, and still tremendously creative.  His songs are a pure reflection of his own sorrows, freedom and hope.

Inspired by the likes of DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin and El-P- Worthless Tom dove headfirst into the world of turntablism. Before long  he was bouncing city to city spinning records on the warped tour.  Inspired by the tour he crept away from the turntables and began banging on the pads of drum machines.

He went on to produce his first instumental album “Dying Daisy”. The album is an emotionally charged journey through pain, drugs and rock and roll.  This full length LP is available here as a free download. He is giving the album away with the hopes of inspiring audiences by its mysterious oddyssey

He is currently working on his next project “Methotrexate”  a title inspired by his prescriptive nemesis in an ongoing battle with Leukemia . The album is due out spring 2014.